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I help introverted female entrepreneurs by elevating their brand through branding and web design, so they can grow their business. 

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i'm jennifer


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I had the pleasure of working with a remarkable Marketing Coach, Kaila Ruan. Kaila truly believes that you need a strong marketing strategy in order to be successful in your business. Kaila reached out to me because she wanted a website that complimented her high ticket offering. She was in the process of launching her […]

Client Showcase

July 10, 2020

Semi-Custom Design for Kaila Ruan

Learn the reason why I switched to Showit over WordPress for my business and the amazing benefits that make Showit unique. I needed a website for my business, but I had been dragging my feet for some time. I have been working with WordPress for almost two years and did not like the way my […]

Web Design

June 15, 2020

Reasons Why I Switched to Showit

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I had the pleasure of working with Robyn MacNeill who is a Social Introvert Coach. Robyn MacNeill works with Female Introverted Entrepreneurs as a Business Coach and she is honestly amazing at what she does. She understands her client’s pain points because she has been there herself. I was honestly thrilled Robyn reached out to […]

Client Showcase

May 22, 2020

Custom Brand Design for Robyn MacNeill

After you’ve determined what your core values are and who you are targeting in your business, it is time to create a mood board. In my What is a Brand post I briefly spoke about mood boards because I wanted to go more into detail about it here and show examples. Are you ready to […]


May 7, 2020

How to Create Your Own Mood Board (Freebie)

How to Create Your Own Mood Board

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Are you looking to start your own small business or blog and you keep coming across the word brand in your research? Brand? What the heck is brand? You are probably sitting behind your desk with a confused look on your face. You aren’t alone, mama. I know I was when I first began my […]


April 28, 2020

What is Branding and Why Do You Need It?